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What I do at findhandmade.com.au

I love handmade and we know there are many handmade artisans out there with intriguing stories to tell and brilliant products to sell. So instead of another directory filled with bland product information, we want to get amongst it and publish an original, interview/article about you and your wares.

Personal Touch

People want to know what makes you tick and what brought you to produce what you do and your influences and aspirations. Making a connection with your customer is sooo important and what better way to explain what you are all about than in a genuine 750 word article where you can have the space to reflect and show what you know.

More Images

People want to see you products, so we are taking advantage of big image sizes and plenty of room for you to show off what you have been making by hand. As they say – a picture is a thousand words – and having the opportunity to present your work in detail is ideal.

Video Interviews

Nothing quite conveys what you and your product is all about like a video interview.
So we are a little different – we want to know about you and your product and include a thought provoking 750 word article all about you and your product.

Sharing your vision and your story is one of the most important things you can do to put authoritative, independent and unique content in the digital sphere.