Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

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Meditation Introduction

Mindfulness is growing exponentially in popularity as a way to process the stress and noise of modern life - and for good reason.  Mindfulness Newcastle adds a quality of deep clarity and calm to the present moment and from this moment to moment awareness flows a state of deep satisfying connection.

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is rooted in ancient Buddhist practices, and is based on the understanding of "purposely bringing your attention to the present moment and then accepting it without judgment." By lifting your gaze from the clutter of everyday life, of distraction and competing media for our attention - we give ourselves a moment to find ourselves i the peace and calm of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Therapy

In this sense, mindfulness is about healing from the frantic pace of modern life - of taking a spiritual sigh from the rush - and then going quietly inward.

Next, the thing we notice almost immediately when we do stop and go inward, is that we might stop our body and stop the physical rush, but our mind takes a little longer to stop swirling around.

Mindfulness Meditation

It's like our mind is a cup of water we hold and our body is lurching through life on a speeding train.

We stoop, and baulk and stumble, and our cup of mind sloshes around and spills and when we finally stop, it takes a few minutes for the ripples to settle and calm.

In this space, we give ourselves time and space to actually loosen the attachment and instead let our thoughts flow in and flow out without judgment or clinging.

"Mindfulness is an appealing way to reduce or prevent symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression," says Associate Professor Marie Hackett of The George Institute's Neurological and Mental Health Unit.