Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan

Bren Murphy Personal Development Inforgraphic
Personal Development Infographic

Finding your authentic self begins with a healing process to bring all the past hurt and suffering to account so you can move forward without bitterness, resentment or shame.

It's like your past wounds are blocking you from fully appreciating your strengths and gifts to the 
point that all you can focus on is hurt and struggle.

By taking responsibility for your past, and reconciling yourself with the events - and letting it go in a healing manner, you create space top allow yourself to grow and move forward.

Letting Go is the Starting Point

So, in many cases, the first step in any Personal Development Plan is healing from the past and letting go.

Once you can release the underlying emotions that are robbing you of abundance and joy, your fear and anxiety gently slips away.  It's a revolutionary collapse process where all the old thoughts that held you back are released and you take away their power to hold you stuck in the past.

Letting go of the past is an extremely powerful tool to support you finding inner balance and emotional freedom.  If you can make the shift and allow yourself to go from a state of stress and resistance into relaxation and allowance - you will notice changes across all aspects of your life.

Creating a Personal Development Plan

Once you have moved on from your past, the next step is knowing what you want.  And this is something that can be imposing to many people who have been raised to think that knowing what they want is selfish or ignores the feelings of others.  

An important note here - by showing ourselves kindness and allowing some self-care, we are in the best place to help others.

  • Know Yourself - unpack the hidden subconscious patterns, routines and habits that are holding you back.
  • Grow Yourself - take action on a daily basis with small, easy to implement steps that will bring you closer to your overall big target goal.
  • Support Yourself - By giving priority to creating healthier relationships, and allowing a sense of abundance and prosperity to permeate your life, you'll come closer to 

Seven Steps to Your Personal Development Plan

  • Reconnect with your intuition - by learning to trust yourself and your gut instinct - too many of us have ignored our inner voice and instead only listen to fear and anxiety.
  • Develop great self awareness - Understanding Yourself and knowing your personality strengths and weaknesses helps you define with clarity what exactly you want .
  • Kindness and Gratitude - Serve humanity by being of service to your fellow humans.
  • Mastering Your Gift - Accept the challenges and limits of your gifts - but also allow your gift to fully blossom and develop by nurturing it
  • Explore Outside Your Comfort Zone - breaking free and exploring things that are new means you are creating new neural connections and actually growing your brain.
  • Connect With Nature - Being at one with outdoors - the beach, the bush, walking your dog, a goldfish, your garden - means you see things from a bigger perspective and your worries diminish

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